This is the future downtown of greater Vancouver

Connected & Convenient

A three minute walk to the SkyTrain, 22 bus routes within walking distance, steps away from the proposed Light Rail Transit and a mere eight minute drive to the new Port Mann Bridge - Park Avenue WEST is in the epicenter of a fast, simple and convenient commute.

Everything at your doorstep

In addition to more than 30,000 square feet of planned retail space at the base of Park Place Plaza, a walk to Central City SHopping Centre is less than five minutes. Attached to Simon Fraser University, ranked Canada's top comprehensive university, Central City boasts more than 130 retailers.

The Park Place Community is set to become the largest urban community in Surrey. Within the community, Park Place Plaza boasts a multitude of retailers for quick and simple convenience within steps from the SkyTrain Station, everything is always within reach.

Located in the centre of Surrey and Skytrain, Central City Mall has 130 shops including big retail stores Future Shop, Bed Bath & Beyond, Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness, and T&T Supermarket to name a few. Only a 5 minute walk away from Park Avenue, Central City Mall has all your shopping needs covered.

Ranked as the top comprehensive university in Canada, Simon Fraser University's architecturally stunning campus is located within Central City Mall, and easily accessible by bus and Skytrain. With already 30,000 square metres of higher learning and higher than expected enrollment, SFU will be planning its Phase 3 expansion for 2013.

Forming a green belt around Surrey City Centre, known as the City of Parks, are an abundance of parks, trails, and green space. With fountains, walking paths, horticultural areas and massive green lawn, Holland Park is Surreys best urban green space and plays host to many festivals and concerts.

The fastest growing city

Surrey is the fastest growing city in BC. Matched by one of the most dynamic job environments in the nation, Surrey is a magnet for head offices and regional headquarters.

The new facility will provide nearly 1 million square feet of office, lab, and research space for over 2,700 E Division headquarters personnel. Opened in January 2013.

A major quality employer just two block South of Park Avenue. In addition, there will be the demand of 500 new job opportunities in the next 2 years in healthcare, education and government.

The second largest hospital in the province with major expansion plans already under construction. Due for completion in 2014.

A substantial local employer, the new Outpatient Facility is located at the Green Timbers site near the RCMP E Division. Opened in 2011, the facility will help to address hospital congestion and the long-term service capacity of the community.

Anchored by the Coast Capital Help Headquarters, the proposed commercial development will feature multi-level retail shops as well as a cinema.

$5 billion in civic and infrastructure investment, the most the Lower Mainland has ever seen. Surrey Civic Plaza will house the essentials of the city. The iconic Public Library completed in 2011, City Hall, Civic Plaza, and Performing Arts Centre will be the pillar of cultural and economic development.